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Open Cydia Impactor; it will recognize your iPhone or iPad; Now, click on the IPA, then drag & drop it over to Impactor. If you do it right, you’ll be asked to enter your Apple ID and password. Once that happen, Cydia Impactor will take control of the rest. All it’s going to do is verify and install the application on your iOS device. The symptom of semi-tethered is when you tap on the Cydia icon, it flashes few times and closes back up or the screen goes black or white and then jump back to homescreen or it just won’t open and crash. If you come across these symptoms, your Cydia won’t open no matter how many times you restart or reboot your iDevices.

Pangu jailbreak team have proven themselves over time to be reliable and trustworthy and were one of the first teams to provide a jailbreak for iOS 7, followed by iOS 8 and iOS 9. Now, while this is an old firmware, some people still use it, partly because they have legacy devices and partly because they like it.

Pangu jailbreak is for you if your device is still on one of the earlier iOS versions and we’re going to show you how to install it.

Important Points:

Before we do that, there are a few things that you should be aware of:

  1. Pangu is an untethered jailbreak that works on iOS 7 all versions
  2. It supports these devices any iOS device that runs these firmware versions
  3. You need to disable your passcode and Find My iPhone/iPad until after the jailbreak
  4. Please back your data up before you begin the jailbreak.

Pangu Download Links:

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  • 3 How to Fix Pangu Jailbreak Errors:

Pangu jailbreak is very easy to install and works on both Mac and Windows systems. Below you can find the links for all the different Pangu versions:

How to Use Pangu Jailbreak:

Using Pangu to jailbreak your device is quite easy; just follow these steps:

  1. Download Pangu jailbreak, using the relevant link from above
  2. For Mac users, find the .dmg file and double-click it to mount it; for Windows users, find the pangu.exe file, right-click it and choose “Run as Administrator
  3. When the jailbreak screen loads, connect your device and click on the large Jailbreak button
  4. A series of download instructions will be shown on-screen, follow these.
  5. You will be required, during the installation, to change the date on your iOS device to June 2nd. Open Settings > General > Date & Time to do this
  6. The jailbreak process will restart, and Pangu will be installed to your device
  7. Now tap the Pangu icon on your device home screen to continue the jailbreak. A warning message will appear, asking you if you want to open the application, tap Continue
  8. Your device will reboot a number of times, and when you see the Cydia icon on your home screen, the jailbreak is complete.
  9. Go back to your settings app and reset the date back to normal
  10. Open Cydia and set it up for first-use; You are now ready to start installing your tweaks.

How to Fix Pangu Jailbreak Errors:

While Pangu is a reliable and safe jailbreak, some people have encountered a few errors. These are detailed below, along with their solutions:

  • Stuck at 45%

This error tends to appear when you back up your data using encrypted backups in iTunes. To fix, open iTunes > Summary and disable Encrypted Backups. Take an unencrypted backup of your data and then attempt the jailbreak again.

  • Jailbreak won’t Install

If you have tried several times to jailbreak your device using Pangu and it isn’t working, follow these steps in order:

  1. Enable Airplane mode on your device and try the jailbreak again
  2. If that doesn’t work, reboot your computer and your device and have another go
  3. If not, open Pangu and use the Restore function to restore your device and then try again

Do check that you have disabled Find my iPhone/iPad, and your passcode

  • OTA on iOS 9 Error

If you are on iOS 9 and have updated using the OTA method, the jailbreak will not work. You must update manually. Be aware that this may now put you on an iOS version that cannot be jailbroken so always, whenever you update your device, use one of the iTunes methods to ensure that you can install future jailbreaks.

  • Cannot Find Preferences for Tweaks

There is no support for PreferenceLoader in iOS 9, so you won’t see the jailbreak tweaks preferences in your Settings app. This may change in the future.

  • Cannot Find Cydia

If you jailbreak, but the Cydia app is not there, open Photos on your device and run Pangu again; wait, and you should see Cydia appear.

  • Pangu Start Button is Greyed Out

To get past this error, make sure you have the latest iTunes version on your computer, reconnect your device and try the jailbreak again.

Cydia Impactor Apps

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you need more information about Cydia before you use it on your iOS device? We’ve drawn up a page of Cydia FAQ that you can read at the link below:

Pangu jailbreak is one of the better jailbreaks and offers free access to a massive range of apps and tweaks. Let us know if you run into any trouble installing Pangu and follow us on Facebook for more updates.

Additional Information:

App Name:
Pangu Team

Cydia Impactor is a program that helps us install third-party apps ( .ipa files ) into our iOS devices. This process of installing the IPA files using the Cydia Impactor app is called sideloading. There are a large number of third-party app installers that Cydia Impactor helps us to install and we’re going to tell you how to use it.

Before You Start:

Before you download Cydia Impactor and start using it, you should be aware of the following:

  • You need to use your Apple ID with Cydia Impactor – if you would prefer, you can set up a second free/dummy account that you use for this purpose
  • If your Apple ID is a free one, the app certificates will expire after 7 days, leaving you to sideload the app once again. It will continue to expire every seven days
  • If your Apple ID is a paid Developer ID, the certificates will expire after 12 months
  • You must ensure that iTunes is up to date before you use the app

Download Cydia Impactor:

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  • 5 Frequently Asked Questions:

Following is the direct download link for the app for Mac and Microsoft Windows PC systems.

How to Use:

If you have 2FA ( two-factor authentication ) enabled on your iPhone, it can interfere with the installation process. If you want, you can disable it, follow Method 1 below and then re-enable it or you can follow the steps of Method 2 below to install the IPA files without needing to disable it. Please make sure you do exactly what these steps ask you to; otherwise, we cannot guarantee success:

Method 1: Install IPA Files with 2FA Disabled

  1. Download the app onto your Mac, Windows PC, or Linux from the links above.
  2. Download the relevant .ipa file for the app you are side-loading
  3. Connect your computer and iOS device via lightning cable
  4. Launch the app and check that your device is detected
  5. Find the .ipa file and drag it to the open Impactor window
  6. Click OK on the Expired Certificates warning
  7. Type your Apple ID and password in; click OK
  8. Now the Impactor app will retrieve and sign the app certificate; when this is done, you will see the app icon on your home screen
  9. Now open your iOS Settings app and tap on General
  10. Tap Profiles and Device Management
  11. A list of app certificates will load; find and tap the certificate for the sideloaded app
  12. Tap Trust and close Settings. You can now use the app.

Method 2: How to Install IPA Files with 2FA Enabled

  1. From your browser, open appleid.apple.com and log into your account
  2. You will be asked to follow the 2FA steps to get into your account, do so
  3. When your account loads, you will a message telling you that Two-Factor Authentication is enabled and, beside it, you will see App-Specific Password ( tap it )
  4. Now choose a name for the label ( try to call it something close to the app name you want to install ) and click Create
  5. Your password will be generated; copy it
  6. Follow the steps above until you get to where you enter your Apple ID – input your ID and use your newly generated password
  7. Follow the rest of the steps in Method 1.
  8. Once done, the IPA file will be on your device, and the app is yours to use.

Common Error Fix:

Cydia Impactor has become an incredibly popular tool, used for sideloading unsigned apps onto the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The last few jailbreaks that have been released have required the use of Cydia Impactor to get the jailbreak onto the iOS device, and some users are now reporting that the tool is sometimes failing. Luckily, we have the solution for the most common Cydia Impactor errors.

Impactor App Features:

The Impactor app is continuously under development, but several useful features can be used. Check out the ( infographic ) below.

  • Connection Bridging – Cydia Impactor makes it easy to bridge connections between your computer and iPhone or iPad. You can also disconnect or restart connections if required, but you will need to find out the port number first.
  • Rooting Android Mobile Devices –If your device is on Android 2.3 or below, you can use Cydia Impactor to put it up to v5.0. Simply install Cydia Impactor, connect your Android device to your computer, click on Start and leave it – it will quickly update.
  • Unlocking Bootloader –The bootloader file for your device can be generated using an identifier token. The bootloader can be locked and unlocked quickly.
  • Built-in USB Drivers – USB drivers are built-in to Cydia Impactor so you won’t need to search for them; you must install them manually from the app first
  • Package Installations –Cydia Impactor allows you to get and flash any mod package. You can also root packages, update them, and manually recover files straight to your device without needing FastBoot tools to help.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Cant Open Cydia Impactor Dmg On Mac

Here are some common FAQ questions from new and existing users.

How Safe is Cydia Impactor?

It is safe enough to use. Although it requests your Apple ID, it does not store it. Cydia Impactor needs your ID in order to sign the app before loading it and doesn’t use it for anything else. The only you must be careful of is that you only download your IPA files from reputable sources.

Is Cydia Impactor Supported on iOS 13?

Absolutely! Cydia Impactor is updated every time the iOS firmware is updated, ensuring continuous support.

Do I Need to Jailbreak to Use it?

No. Cydia Impactor may share the same name as the popular third-party app store, but it isn’t required. The only time you would need to jailbreak is if you want to install a specific tweak or app that cannot be installed from any other source.

What is the provision.cpp:173 Error?

This is an error that occurs commonly with Cydia Impactor. To find out how to resolve it, and it is easy to do, simply check the Cydia Impactor error’s section above.

Is it Free?

Yes, it is. The developer makes no charge for the tool so if you are asked to pay for it, and you are not downloading it from the official source. You can report the site to the Cydia community, but the best thing is just to use the official sources.

Cydia Impactor Alternatives:

If you are looking for some great Cydia Impactor Alternative apps, then we have a list of apps that have been put together to help you install 3rd-party IPA files on your iOS device.

Follow us on Facebook for more updates and tutorials like this one. Provided you have the .ipa file; you can use Cydia Impactor to sideload any iOS app to your iPhone or iPad very quickly.

Let us know what you will be using it for and follow us for more Cydia news and developments.

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Can't Open Cydia Impactor Dmg On Mac Download

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Cydia Impactor
Microsoft Windows
Jay Freeman
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